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Overcome Fear of Failure in Business

overcome Fear of Failure in Business

How To Overcome Fear Of Failures In Business

There are many ups and downs in every field of market. People just need to keep themselves calm at the prime time to tackle the situations. These are the only stages of any business which either makes a businessman or destroys them.There are ways and many paths to travel on while trying to tackle the fear of failures in our business.

Top 7 Points to Overcome the Fear of failure in Business

Never get afraid of taking the calculative risk in the Business. If you have not the power to take the risk then Job id good option for you. Risk will always procure sweet results. You have so many tolls and reports to calculate the risk. Having the power to take the risk will also overcome your fear of failure in Business.

Always try to learn and gain from the challenges we go through in our business career which is a main reason of growth in business field as one should never stop to earn something from the life.The one who gets upset and stucked by the failure and just lose up all the hopes never succeeds in his life.

Good Analyzing Power
The positives should be plucked out of the failures by analyzing about the condition. You can also learn by the mistakes that were being done by oneself inspite of building a negative attitude in yourself. Main thing is that a short summarized solution of what we did and what we should have done be there at the time of analyzing the condition. Analytical power is the best way to overcome fear of Failurein the Business.

Always Have good reputation in the Market
Always make goodwill in the market. It helps you in the worst condition. You will always find someone with you at that time. Good Friends will surely help you to overcome with the fear of failure in the Business.

Ask For Help or consultancy
One should always try to grab up the qualities of others. So,in case of fear of failure consult to anyone experienced who can provide some sort of ideas related to the concerned problem and it may also help an individual in getting out of the problem by exchanging of ideas with others. Sometimes this type of conversations not only solves the problem but also becomes beneficial for an individual in his future for the various challenges faced in the business and provides new sort of thinking way towards the business.

Be Ready With Next Action Plan 
Whenever a business project,deal or any sort of work is under progress there are always two or more plans to tackle each and every situation as one never knows when a plan may block the way towards the destination. Instead of getting sucked in the situation always a second plan should be there to carry on the work and not face a problem.

Avoiding What would Society think?
In many of the cases,people just loose there much of the confidence in such tough situations by thinking over the point that what will the people around us will think if we will not be able to get ourself's out of this task. One should never focus on the talks going around as the people around us will always try to manipulate us with their thoughts if we listen to them instead of that. One should always try to do what he likes and what he wants without caring about the society.

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Positive negative of budget on Middle class

positive and negative of Budget on Middle Class

Union Budget of India had introduced on 1st of April 2017 in the mid of elections in Five States.

There are many Points in the Budget but what are the positive and negative of Union Budget 2017.

Positive and negative of budget 2017 for Low and Middle class People. How will it impact on middle class family?

That was the first time when Union and Rail Budget was announced at same instance. 
Our Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley introduced the whole budget on 1 February,2017.
The main focus of the budget was on the agriculture sector, Demonetization and Improving Railway as well. 
There are many relaxations provided related to income tax for middle class families. 

As picking up the positives from the budget for middle and lower class families-:
• Relaxation in Income Tax :
From Now onwards each individual earning b/w Rs 2.5 to 5 lakh per year will have to pay 5% tax instead of 10% due to the relaxation policy of government in the budget.
• Train travelling will be cheaper with the step towards not charging service tax on online users those who book there tickets from IRCTC.
• ' Start Your Own Business' scheme to be extended for the next two years.
• There will be now only one page form for the tax payers of income upto Rs 5 lakh.
• Aiming to uplift the digitalization in country, high speed broadband connectivity and wifi network will be provided in over 1 lakh gram panchayats.
• Those who are having there income above Rs.5 lakh will be benefited with amount of Rs.12,500 in their tax.
• With the time the Indian Government has planned to provide 100% electricity in the rural areas.
• On the basis of Aadhar Card, senior citizens are to be issued with health cards.
• Two more schemes are to be launched by the government to assist the use of Bhim app which was launched by our Honourable Prime Minister on 30 Dec,2016 to promote e-payments through banks.
• Leather and Shoe industry related employment schemes are launched for the youths.
• To promote tele-medicine and education Digi Gaon will be introduced in the upcoming years.
• A grant of Rs.187223 Crore is being decided in the budget of 2017-18 which much more than the budget of last year for the improvement of rural,agricultural and related sectors.
• As per the FM target for each individual agricultural credit is fixed at Rs.10 lakh.
• There will be hike in the FASAL BIMA YOJANA by 10 percent as it was 30 percent before and now it will be in 40 percent.
• Rs.23000 crore passed in the favor of PM Awas Yojana.
• Custom duty on LNG will reduce by 2.5% as it was 5% before and now it will be 2.5% which will affect its rate as well.
• Amount of approx Rs.48000 crore has been assigned for MGNREGA.

As usual there are always some negatives as well with positives. So,the decisions which went against the will of middle and lower class families are-:
Negatives of Budget 2017 

• As a punishment, there will be upto Rs.10,000 fine for the late filling of tax returns.
• Surcharge of 10% for the people having income b/w Rs.50 lakhs to 1 crore and those above 1 crore will have to pay 15% as surcharge amouny from their side.
• There were many issues with the charitable donations coming up so the government decided to restrict the charitable donation from Rs.10,000 to Rs.2000.
• With the increased custom duty, rise in the prices of silver coins and medallions.
• Government restricts cash deals on the amount of and over Rs.3 lakh.
• No relaxation has been provided by the government related to the corporate tax with the exception for small and medium companies.
• Tightening up of rules for Big corporations and building MSME's for the growth by tax relaxation.

There are many positive decisions to be seen in the favour of our middle class and lower class families as we see on the concept of tax relaxation, for farmers loan facilities and for rural areas MGNREGA upliftment by funds and full time electricity plan. 

Some of the decisions to make the generation aware are looking to be the harsh one like of tax late fine but in real its beneficial and the one decision on donations to charitable societies or communities is to stop the black money which is a big problem nowadays for all of us.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Main Points of Union Budget India 2017

Main Points of Union Budget of India 2017

Main Points of Union Budget of India 2017

For the first Time Railway budget and Union Budget are presented together. Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley had declared the Budget on 1st February 2017.
Many People suppose that it will be a election Budget as there are elections in Five States but there was nothing specific in that.
This Union Budget 2017 was measurably Focus on Rural Areas, Black Money and demonetization aspects. Government is abide to make the Cashless economy by limiting the cash transactions.

FM says that there is a mismatch in the paying capacity and Income tax return Filing in India. So there is a need to make it simple.

  • Individual income tax:  Good News for Those whose income is Below 5 Lakh in a Year. They now have to pay tax at 5%. There will be no Tax till the income of 3 Lakh.

  • For those whose Income is above 5 lakh will be benefited at  Rs12,500;  There is a  surcharge on income above Rs 50 lakh.
  • From the Financial year 2017-18 there will be a single page form for Income Tax up to a income of Rupees 5 Lakh.
  • Corporate tax for MSME’s are also reduced to 25% for those whose annual turnover is less than 50 crores.
  • Farmer’s credit is set at record Point of 10 trillion. This will make sure adequate proportion at need areas.
  • For micro-irrigation there is a fund worth Rs 5,000 crore.
  • Antyodaya Mission has been introduced for one crore below poverty line families to bring up.
  • MGNREGA: Fund of Rupees 48,000 crore announced;  Special focus on  women participation. Highlights of Budget 2017 will be more.
  • PMGS Y: Rs 27000 crore to be spent in FY17-18 along with states. New Fund of Rupees 19000 allocated.
  • PM Awas Yojana: Fund of Rs 23,000 crore Passed.
  • There is a mission of 100 percent electricity in village by 2018.
  • Rural livelihood:  Rupees 1,87,223 crore passed for rural programme and Rs 4,500 crore for Livelihood.
  • 4,000 crore Passed to open skill achievement and awareness,  Mahila Shakti Kendras have allocated 500 crore rupees corpus
  • Big announcement for Gujarat and Jharkhand with new AIIMS in these two states.
  •  Allocation to SCs amplified to Rupees 52,393cr; STs allocated 31,920cr, minority relationships announced Rupees 4,195 cr.
  • Railway tracks of 3,500 kilometres to be made. Special Tourism and pilgrimage trains to be launch.
  • For cleanliness in railways all coaches to be Bio metric and 500 stations to be equipped for differently able people.
  • National highways has provided Rupees 64,000 crore Budget.

  • Telecom sector: In union Budget 2017 there is Budget of 10000 crore for Bharat Net programme.
  • P M Mudra Yojana: Banks and Financial Institutions given goal at Rupees 2.44 trillion
  • Stand up India plan:  16,000 or more new enterprise to be set up.
  • After a Mojor success of BHIM app government want to promote it in this Union Budget of India 2017. FM had announced  cash back plan for merchants for BHIM.
  • Major Announcement for  post-office is that these can be used for passport services
  • Defence outflow not including pensions: Rupees 2.74 trillion
  • Fiscal deficit for FY 17-18 fixed at 3.2% of GDP
  • Revenue deficit for FY-17-18  fixed at 1.9%
  • There is a Big plan to stop Black money in the Union Budget 2017-18 as Cash transactions are limited at Rs. 3 Lakh
  • Political Parties are supposed to be transparent in their Funding which is still not in India. Finance Minister has announced a Big step to follow this.
  • FM announced that only rupees 2,000 can be received as cash donation on maximum side. Modification proposed to RBI Act for issuance of electoral bonds.
  • All political Parties have to file returns in precised time

  • There is a Limit of Cash donations to Trust is also Rs 2000.
Above were the Main points of Union Budget of India 2017. More Highlights of Budget will be discussed later on Business Batao.
Requested to comment on the Budget 2017. 

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

limitations of cashless transactions in india

limitations of cashless transactions in India
We are in the way of making India cashless. There are many advantages of cashless economy but what are the problems in making India Cashless.

India is a developing country where there is not availability of electricity and schools in many villages. 

How the technology will develop very soon. This is a time taken process but it’s really appreciable.

Now let’s discuss the limitations of cashless transactions

Here are 4 disadvantages of cashless process has-


As a developing nation, we have a lack in every basic need of our society. This new virtual technology for cashless transaction heavily dependent on many tools like
Mobile phone, laptop, data connection, good mobile/broadband connection etc.

These are either costlier or are away from the reach of a common man living in Indian cities and villages. So availability of technological tools for cashless transaction is a big real challenge in the way ahead in the vision of cashless India.


Just 60% of our country is basically literates I.e. the just know who to read and write their names. They don't even have full fledged running bank accounts and are unaware of its benefits.

Education is a big limitation in cashless transactions.
So for this technology to survive, the problem of unawareness among people who are illiterates is again a challenging one to cope up with.


As all the transaction is getting recorded in bank record book, there is a possibility that your personal transactions for any specific work is also getting in surveillance. This can be against the personal freedom law awarded by constitution to its entire citizen.
Indians have fear to go to the banks. This is big limitation of cashless transactions and cashless economy.
The money you earn should be yours and nobody has right to keep watching eye on it.


With people getting online, the bad one's are also smart enough to tackle the technology with unethical moves like hacking and phishing where if you tell then the password in anyway, there is a possibility that you will lose all your hard earned penny.

People have to be very much careful while doing the online transactions as there is a higher risk of cyber attack if any carelessness is shown by the doer.

above are the limitations of cashless transactions in India. we have already explained the advantages and disadvantages of cashless transactions in India.

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

advantages of cashless economy

advantages of cashless economy
As we all know on 8th of November 2016 was the day when the government of India took a firm decision to move into an era of cashless and digital transaction. 

With the decision of demonetisation, our country has taken its first firm step to move into the world of cashless economy.

As still we have a long way up to go ahead with this new cashless economy, there are many points to discuss about this new born technological way of transaction for a common man.

Here, we will discuss the top 5 advantages and disadvantages of cashless economy. This has brought up with its coming in a developing country like India.

Like there are many pros and cons of demonetisation, there are also pros and cons of cashless economy. But This will really lead India to a super Power.


  This has been the biggest ever advantages of the cashless transaction in Indian Economy. Whenever you will do any transaction I.e. you buy or sell something your tax on that item will be paid automatically and this will be kept recorded in your bank account.Thus, at the end of fiscal year the tax on your whole income and transactions done will be automatically deducted by the income tax department as it will be monitored directly by government and banks.

Thus it will help in reducing tax evasion to a greater extent.

 As of now, the government has solved the fake currency circulation in the market as no older denomination notes are valid now.For now, whatever the notes available in markets are original and genuine as the fake currency is totally strike down out of market. It will take time for wrong doers' to print the fake currency of new denominations again.
So, for now government has sufficient time to take firm action against their people and make the economic market more clear and transparent for its people.

Earlier, many people were keeping money in their home without depositing it into their bank account and the number of these people is quite high as they basically come from that section of Indian society which is called as low middle class and lower class that does not have a bank account. Banks has the most advantages of cashless economy

when there are more cashless transactions then Bank has more Funds every time. 
This becomes an important reason Indian banks are suffering from the NPAs. For cashless transaction the bank come into play as people will deposit their money to banks for their day to day transfer and transactions.


As things are getting cashless, there will be fewer people using cash in paper currency to facilitate their transaction. For every type of transaction you will use Bank as channel to get it done. Now if you are a right person with a good moral character, the bank will open your account but if you don’t have a proof of identity like aadhar card or pan card, they will simply deny opening.
And also on all the bank accounts, the government will keep a watching eye to kill down any misuse of this channel.
The fresh example to this is the example of "stone pelting" in the areas of JAMMU AND KASHMIR where the extremist people pay the students and other people to throw stones at Indian forces. This activity was drastically reduced in the area as people were not having cash in valid denominations to pay for this kind of activity.

The most benefited are the people and common people who do transaction with e-commerce giants like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal etc.
Now, the government is finding ways to make this transaction platform more secure and more reliable in online way.
The government is developing a common platform and a common app like BHIM (BHARAT INTERFACE FOR MONEY) for its common people to make them able to perform online transactions easily.
Thus, every common man is able to do transaction in a very secure manner with every other dealer sitting thousands of miles away from him and gets his product at right price oat right time.

Above were some advantages of cashless economy but there is also adverse effect of these technology.

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Reasons for Business Startup Failure in India

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Reasons for Business Startup Failure in India

reasons for Business startup failure in India

MAKING AND BREAKING is the parts of any business around the globe.

There are Many Examples of Business startups that do well but Fails. Like Hutch, we chat, Videocon and many more.
What is the story behind these failure? Why some business startups fails in India?

Indian government is on the way to provide them a very handy support. There are different kind of norms relaxation in TAXATION and assisted financial support by implementing schemes like “STARTUP INDIA".

Here we are going to pin up the top 6 reasons to "What are reasons for Business startup failure in India"
Top six Reasons for Losses and Failure of business :

Once you have the idea, it’s important to test its reality check on ground level. Whether the startup ideas will be beneficial for common people around or will it be productive enough to cope up in the market for next two years?
Most of the startup in India and their leaders fail to test the idea implementation technique correctly as required in the buzzing demand and supply market.
You have to be very clear in the basic theme of your idea otherwise you may end up doing something which may not be profitable to the startup. Business Batao is a platform which gives your idea a successful way.

Any idea turning into business requires resources to setup its unit for implementation.
The availability of resources for a new business is very limited in a country like India. You have to pay hefty fees for every resource which can be productive for your business.
Sometimes and mostly, It is very common reason for Business startup failure in India. Where the business leader fails to manage the available the resources well and sinks the business.
This becomes a real problem when you are the owner of a limited budget startup company.

YES, you are right its "paisa bolta hai".
Money is the basic need for everything in this world. This is not limited our own personal needs but also becomes important when accounted in business terms. Also the ultimate aim of the business is to earn profit-that is ultimately money.
Investor hesitates to invest their money in newly started ideas because of risk factor. There are many ways to take loans from financial Institutions. But it is also not so easy for New Business start-ups.

 TALENT is something which gives you an upper hand in every aspect of business. It is greatly required when you are a buzzing startup and also when your startup turns into a million dollar company. Business is all about dealing with people and their minds. So here you have to be a little talented or enough quick to learn the rules of business world quickly. Lack Skills and talent training programme is one reason for business startup failure in India.
Now the question is-where, how and why the talent is required in business?
Talent is required where you have to deal with people for business related matters and many other issues related to it. Some Examples are: purchase of resources, machines and other things required, you have to be very careful and wise as you are the owner of a limited value startup.

Decision making is a process which decides the answer to the question WHAT’S NEXT? Thus, selecting the best course of action from among many alternatives becomes very important for any startup business. It is important for the successful operation of the startup business. All the operational jobs like plan discussion, direction, controlling, are determined by the decision making process.

Reason of business startups failure is wrong decision making.

SO, for making any business idea a successful one, you have to love your work, your idea and almost every part and everything which sums up the business strategy.
Many of the business leaders and ideas have failed due to lack of motivation and love for their business.
You don’t have to be money minded in the initial when you don’t have a well settled business, but side by side with time, be mindful to turn the business idea into a well settled company.

Above were some reasons for Business startup failure in India. For getting consulted and growth contact Business Batao.

Monday, 2 January 2017

50 days of demonetisation pass or fail

50 days of demonetisation pass or fail

50 days of demonetization are passed. On 8th November 2016 Prime-Minister of India had announced the Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. 

Banks Had taken the old currency notes of 500 and 1000 rupees till the 31st December 2016. These can be now submitted only to RBI with the Reason.

Whole India is taking this Decision Very Seriously and people had suffer a lot because of decision. Now we want to know about 50 days of demonetisation Pass or Fail.

Current BJP government Declares it as a Successful Project while all other opposition Parties confirm it as a big Failure.

We will Give you some Points by which you can judge yourself that 50 Days of Demonetisation - Success or Failure 

Points which shows that Fifty days of Demonetisation is successful.

  • All old and fake 500 and 1000 rupee note are out of system.
  • All Money is deposited into Banks that will give the economy a new Power.
  • People are shifting towards Cashless economy which makes it more Strong.
  • Black Money Will be out of the system.
  • Big cash Transactions will be stopped.
  • Terrorist activities will be minimised. these are showing the demonetisation as successful.
  • Big Amount of Black money is declared during this period of 50 days of Demonetisation. 
  • All the Departmentss of Government were active and seize huge black money from corrupted people.
50 days of Demonetisation - Points that Make it Failure

  • Banks had make it adverse. Most of the Bankers make forgery and does not work honestly. Demonetisation was really a Great India Making Project but Some People Make it Failure for their own Pocket.
  • As per Media report about 97% of the Old 500 and 1000 rupee notes had been deposited into banks.
  • about 105 people died due to demonetisation.
  • there is lack of cash in the market due to which Business is affected.
  • Many factories and other Business are closed down. It showing the demonetisation failure.
this is the report on 50 days of demonetisation - pass or Fail.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

where to use old 500 rupees after demonetization

where to use old 500 rupee note after demonetizationAfter The demonetization of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes
After 30th December 2016 you can not use the old 500 and 1000 rupee note at any place. there is urgency in the country. Whole country is facing the problem of Cash. We want to know that where to use old 500 rupee notes after demonetisation. In India there is cash transaction of about 97% and above that people are pond of holding the Cash in Hand.
Everyone is searching for the alternatives of Exchange of 500 and 1000 rupee note. But after 24th November Rs. 1000 will only be submitted into banks. 500 rupee note will be accepted at many places.
I know you must want to know how to exchange old 500 rupee note or how to convert old 500 rupee note into valid currency after Demonetization Process.

Current Biggest Problem is that there is no exchange of Money now. It can only be deposited in Banks. But there is a chance to use you old 500 rupees note.

Govt of India had announced that there will be no exchange of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes from 25th November.
But one can use old 500 rupees not at following Places 
  • You can pay these to toll Plaza

  • All petrol pumps will accept the old 500 rupee notes till 15th December after demonetization in India.
  • Government school fee can be deposited with these notes up to a Limit of Rs. 2000.
  • You can also pay college fees of states University. 
  • Use old 500 rupee notes for court fees.
  • Make Pre paid Mobile recharges up to Rs 500 
  • Now you can purchase groceries from co-operative stores under State and Central govt. Limit of such transaction is once rupees 5000 only. This will be a great relief after demonetisation. 
  • Pay Railway tickets booking at railway station counters.
  • All government Hospitals will accept the old currency.
  • Water Bill and electricity Bill payment can be adjusted. This will be a place to use old 500 rupee notes after demonetisation in India.
  • Buy Medicines from Medical Stores with qualified doctor's prescription.

  • May not any one have to use at this place but one can use old 500 rupee notes at crematorium grounds.
  • Make Payment against LPG cylinders.
  • Payments towards charge, duty or penalty to be paid to governments as well as municipal with local bodies.
  • You can also use old 500 rupee notes to buy of seeds from nominated state-owned outlets.
Now After 31st December 2016 You can not use old 500 and 1000 rupee notes anywhere except to submit in RBI. With a great step towards Cashless economy and to fight with black money government has introduced Demonetization with a Positive thinking. But there are both advantages & Disadvantages of Demonetization discussed earlier. In my opinion government is giving ample space to use the old 500 rupee notes after demonetisation.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

latest updates on Demonetization Rules

latest updates on demonetization rules
Updates and Rules on demonetization in  india keeps changing.  Major demand of changing is because of Misuse of the exemptions under Demonetisation.

This is not a complete Demonetization In India. Small denomination of Notes up to Rs. 100 are in Use and have legal status. so we have to see Impact and Latest Updates on Demonetization Rules In India 2016.

After two Weeks of Scrapping the 500 and 1000 rupee note in India the conditions are still not Good. There are long queues outside the ATM's and Banks. Business Sector and Public is still not stabilised.

This is Going to be a Big Disadvantages of Demonetisation.

With Consideration of the Problems of Common man, on 24th of November 2016 government had given the 
Latest updates on Demonetization Rules & Process in India .
  • From 25th of November Exchange of old 500 and 1000 rupees note will be closed. These notes can only be deposited into Banks. 
  • Note of Rupees 1000 denomination can only be deposited into banks and will not be considered any where else. 
  • All the National Highway tolls will be free till 2nd of December and from 3rd to 15th of December old notes of 500 can also be accepted there. this is the latest update on demonetization is created to facilitate the public. 
  • From 24th of November people can get cash from BigBazar too with their Credit or Debit Cards. Limit of Cash withdrawal is Rs.2000 only. 
  • Latest update on demonetisation in  india includes the additional Categories where old Rs.500 note will be accepted Till 15th of December. These categories are explained In detail on The Link above. 

  • Foreigners are permitted to exchange the currency up to rupees 5000 subject to get entered in their Passport. 
  • Haryana Govt had announced that all D category employees will get their Rs 10,000 salary in Cash.
Above were the latest updates on demonetisation process in India. Modi Sarkar is doing all the things which he feels to do good against corruption and Black Money. but still the Cash relief is not in the Market because of lesser acceptance of Card and Digital Payments.

We will let you informed regularly the latest Updates on Demonetization rules In India..

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