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50 days of demonetisation pass or fail


50 days of demonetisation pass or fail

50 days of demonetization are passed. On 8th November 2016 Prime-Minister of India had announced the Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. 

Banks Had taken the old currency notes of 500 and 1000 rupees till the 31st December 2016. These can be now submitted only to RBI with the Reason.

Whole India is taking this Decision Very Seriously and people had suffer a lot because of decision. Now we want to know about 50 days of demonetisation Pass or Fail.

Current BJP government Declares it as a Successful Project while all other opposition Parties confirm it as a big Failure.

We will Give you some Points by which you can judge yourself that 50 Days of Demonetisation - Success or Failure 

Points which shows that Fifty days of Demonetisation is successful.

  • All old and fake 500 and 1000 rupee note are out of system.
  • All Money is deposited into Banks that will give the economy a new Power.
  • People are shifting towards Cashless economy which makes it more Strong.
  • Black Money Will be out of the system.
  • Big cash Transactions will be stopped.
  • Terrorist activities will be minimised. these are showing the demonetisation as successful.
  • Big Amount of Black money is declared during this period of 50 days of Demonetisation. 
  • All the Departmentss of Government were active and seize huge black money from corrupted people.
50 days of Demonetisation - Points that Make it Failure

  • Banks had make it adverse. Most of the Bankers make forgery and does not work honestly. Demonetisation was really a Great India Making Project but Some People Make it Failure for their own Pocket.
  • As per Media report about 97% of the Old 500 and 1000 rupee notes had been deposited into banks.
  • about 105 people died due to demonetisation.
  • there is lack of cash in the market due to which Business is affected.
  • Many factories and other Business are closed down. It showing the demonetisation failure.
this is the report on 50 days of demonetisation - pass or Fail.

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